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DigitPrac is an ideal solution

For professionals providing compliance, accounting, legal and tax consultancy services, time is of essence and the office team is always hardpressed for time. DigitPrac is an ideal solution for your office to streamline the processes and save on precious time and effort.

DigitPrac empowers you and your team to do more in less time. Focus on more value addition with your time and effort by automating your office.

DigitPrac is best suited for:

  • Accounting Firms
  • Chartered Accountants / CPAs
  • Company Secretaries
  • Cost Accountants


Managing Periodic Compliance or Bookkeeping activities are now a Breeze with your Smart Office. One single set up process and your Smart Office takes care of automatically creating repetitive tasks for the ensuing compliance cycles!

Simplify Team Task Assignment and Monitor Office Tasks from anywhere, anytime and be in total control.


Let your Smart office take over mundane repetitive task management while you focus on more Value to your clients and yourself.
Access those critical documents and files in a flash from anywhere.
View client company data and documents anytime.

DigitPrac = +Efficiency +Productivity


Simplified Reports, Smart Charts and Dashboard on your fingertips empowers you to take Quick, Smart and Informed decision making.
Turn your office into a Smart, Efficient Office with improved planning of tasks, audit projects, expense tracking, time tracking and more.

DigitPrac = Informed Decisions


Streamline your communication and information exchange with your clients.

Give access to every client and every client contact person to your DigitPrac client portal, collaboration is now Seamless and Smarter with minimum effort

DigitPrac = Team Portal + Client Portal


DigitPrac can greatly boost office Productivity. DigitPrac compliments your practice to consolidate and coordinate specific details. Adopting DigitPrac can save up to 40% of time and effort which could be better utilized in providing higher value services to clients. With a Collaborative Practice Management approach, you can derive greater client satisfaction resulting in greater client retention.

DigitPrac is your Modern Practice Management system. Say goodbye to tedious processes like multiple spreadsheets, data/document exchange, manual report creations and client reminders. Save precious time to focus on greater value addition to yourself and your clients.

Improve Productivity

Replace your Spreadsheets and Excels with Automated Task Management in DigitPrac

Stay in Control

Get real-time data and status. Stay in total control of your office and your client's compliance

Office on-the-Go

DigitPrac is your anytime, anywhere office. Now work on tasks, access or share documents from anywhere

Communicate Smarter

Reduce the time spent on communication and information exchange with your clients with the DigitPrac collaborative platform

DigitPrac delivers ROI in just 3 months. Make your Practice Digital today!