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Client Management

Store all information related to your clients including company data, director information, tax details, passwords. Get quick snapshots on client compliance status.

Client Portal

Clients can access tasks, projects, invoices, estimates, knowledge base articles... from anywhere. Control what your clients can view through permission settings.

Client Contacts

Create unlimited contacts for each client company. Assign logins for each contact. Flexibly send tasks information, documents, invoices to specific contacts

Task Management

DigitPrac helps you to easily create & manage tasks. Create recurring tasks, with checklists, multiple assignees with total control and monitoring

Compliance Tasks

Task grouping option to make it easier for your team to filter and manage compliance related tasks separately helping you to prioritize important work.

Recurring Tasks

Routine, repetitive tasks can be set as recurring tasks and auto assigned to team members. Save time and effort by setting recurring tasks for compliance and bookkeeping activities.


Log Time spent on tasks, projects. Link timesheet to invoicing. Monitor and analyze task effort from timesheet reports. Start-Stop timer for auto tracking of time.

Document Management

Store unlimited documents on the cloud. Attach documents to absolutely anything; tasks, clients, projects etc. Attach from G Suite or DropBox

Audits & Projects

Create and monitor projects for key client activities such as Auditing and track each phase of the project. Graphical views/Reports for easy monitoring and control

Gantt Chart/KANBAN

GANTT Chart and KANBAN view of Projects and tasks provides quick snapshot of project and task clarity, status, team assignments, team availability for better coordination.

Copy Tasks/Projects

One-click copy of Tasks and Projects provides quick creation of similar tasks. Copy tasks including the checklists, assignees and due dates

Smart Dashboard

Smart Dashboard provides insights into all things important. View task previews, project status charts, to do lists, calendar, finance overview, activity log and more..


DigitPrac calendar gives you clear view of all your tasks, due dates, company events, invoice overdue, contracts expiry, estimate expiry.

Expense Management

Record and Manage all expenses incurred. Make Expenses billable and link to Client or Task and in the invoice. Expense vs Income, Detailed expense report for analysis.


Build invoices directly based on tasks, projects, expenses. Create recurring invoices for regular client activities. Attach files and send directly to clients.


Create estimate in minutes and send to clients. Auto convert to invoice on acceptance by client. Clients can view and take actions even without login.


Create impressive proposals for potential clients. Include images, tables, with the powerful editor. Proposal comments to record further discussion with the client.


Create and record current and feature contracts. Create PDF documents in a minute and send to your clients. Set client reminders before contracts expiry.

Lead Management

With simple KanBan view, easily keep track of leads and follow their progress. Attach files, convert lead to client, import leads from email, create proposals, record notes.


Access one-click reports on tasks, projects, client records, invoices etc giving real-time data snapshot for informed decision making. Directly Print, Email or save to Drive.

Goal Tracking

Setup team/member goals and track achievements. Notify staff members about failure or achievement. Enable statistics based performance review decisions

Support Tickets

Streamline client ad-hoc requests via support ticket system. Assign to staff member, track communication, log time spent, include in invoice..

Knowledge Base

Delight your clients. Add knowledge base articles using simple text editor. Clients can view the knowledge base articles from the client portal


Securely store important information related to client compliance activities like filing portal logins, tax payment links etc. Give access to only preferred staff members.

Role Management

DigitPrac is designed for complete flexibility and control of access. Define access permissions for every module for staff and control what your clients can view and edit.

Activity Log

Keep track of all activities performed by team. View activities by task, project or overall. Get notified on all important activities and actions performed.

Own Branding

DigitPrac provides simple options to brand your own office on the cloud. Multiple branding options including subdomain, own domain, self-hosted and own mobile app.