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Frequently asked questions

Commonly raised queries are answered below for your reference and guidance. Feel free to reach us at sales@digitprac.com if you have more queries.


Individuals or Companies providing Compliance services such as Accounting firm, Chartered Accountant, CPA, Company Secretary and Cost Accountant, Tax Consultant or Law practitoners can use DigitPrac.com
Timely Compliance is a concern for everybody. Individuals, Corporates and their tax consultants alike. Compliance if not done in time can result in major problems for corporates and individuals and every Tax Consultant: Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary's primary concern is to ensure their clients' compliance, each time and every time. Using DigitPrac.com helps the tax consultants / chartered accountants / CPAs / company secretaries / cost accountants / Lawyers to manage compliance tasks and processes better and smarter.

DigitPrac saves up to 40% of time and effort spent on managing and tracking tasks and documents.

Smart Dashboards and Reports help in better decision making.
Just choose the plan that suits you best and register through our simple registration process. Once the registration and payment process is complete, the setup will be completed as per your chosen plan and you are ready! Using DigitPrac.com is easy and very intuitive.

If you need further assistance, our support team is always ready to help!
Benefits of using DigitPrac.com are many:
  • Simplified Compliance Task Management
  • Simplified Bookkeeping Task Management
  • Hassle-free follow ups.
  • Improved Compliance
  • Automated Reminder Alerts for both internal staff and your clients
  • Compliance Dashboard & Reporting
  • Smart Analytics for Better Insights
  • Document Drive
  • eForms
  • Document Library
  • Cleint Company Documents
  • Improved Collaboration and more...
DigitPrac.com smart office is useful for any individual or a company that provides compliance/accounting/legal services
DigitPrac is simplest to configure, use and customize.

  • Power of Cloud . Personalized Each instance of DigitPrac is an Individualized deployment for each office
  • Due to individualized deployment, any level of customization possible specifically for your office (at additional customizing costs)
  • Your own branded solution: Choose as Subdomain or Own domain options. Your team and clients login to your own portal
  • Dedicated client portal for your clients
  • Maximum storage space among all cloud based Practice Management solutions
  • Only Solution offering guaranteed satisfaction with a 60-day refund policy in case found unsatisfactory
  • ROI in just 3 months
We intend to keep DigitPrac.com a nice ad-free experience to our users. We do not provide any facility to advertise on DigitPrac.com. Since we respect our clients' time and privacy we would like to keep it just that: Private and completely Ad-free!
Yes. The DigitPrac platform's interface is currently available only in a few limited languages. If you need us to make our application in your desired language, we will be happy to customize it for you!
The benefits of DigitPrac.com can be availed by professionals in any country. However certain features such as SMS alerts are currently enabled only in a few countries.
DigitPrac though a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, is deployed as an individual instance for each office and hence is easily customizable specifically for your office. Connect with our support team with your requirements to get a quotation and proposal for the customizing.
We do not save any unnecessary information about you or your clients. All information related to registered users and their clients is fully encrypted. While we save all the information that is essential to provide our services, your data is safe with us. We do not share your information with third-parties. For details on how we handle your privacy, please read our privacy policy
Most of the features of DigitPrac are unlimited. Any limits are clearly listed in the pricing page before you signup. Limits are currently set on:

1. Number of Staff Users
2. Storage Space (for document storage)
Our team is always at work to provide new features to DigitPrac.com
All our clients will receive advance notifications about upcoming features and updates with schedules of release. The new features and updates are automatically deployed to all cloud instances on the scheduled date of release.

DigitPrac delivers ROI in just 3 months. Make your Practice Digital today!

One Solution. Multiple Benefits

DigitPrac is designed for Simplicity and Efficiency. With Automated Task creations, automated reminders, centralized document management and direct access, your Clients can access their compliance records anytime.
Managing Periodic Compliance or Bookkeeping Activities are now a breeze with your Smart Office.

See All Features

Simplify Team Task Assignment and Monitor Office Tasks from anywhere, anytime and be in total control.

Turn your office into a Smart, Efficient Office with improved planning of tasks

Key Features

Simplified Task Management enables you and your team to take control of all activities in your office. Grouped into Compliance, Bookkeeping, etc. allows you to smartly organize activities for easy management and quick decision making.

Manage Audit Tasks and long term Projects and automate the workflow in the project. Store important documents, assign to multiple team members, track overall progress all at the click of a button.

Save and Access each and every important information about your client including: Multiple contacts, key tax information, password vault, invoices, payments, tasks, audit projects and more.

Provide access to your clients for smart collaboration through the client portal. Clients can view all the tasks, audit projects, invoices, payments etc.
Full control on what your clients can access.

Automate and streamline your sales process including estimates, proposals, contracts, invoices.
Better manage client relations using CRM features

Record and track each and every office expenses spent by the team.
View reports on expenses, expense vs income etc.

Organize Your Firm. Take Control of all your team activities. Go Digital with DIGITPRAC.


Registering with DigitPrac is a simple one-step process.

Choose the package you wish to register and complete the payment process.

You will receive a registration confirmation email.

DigitPrac is an individualized solution, the initial setup is done offline by our support team. Your DigitPrac will be setup with initial configuration within 24 hours of your registration and payment.

Once you receive an email from the support team with details of your DigitPrac account, simply login and configure your company.
Contact DigitPrac support (Email: support@digitprac.com) or raise a support ticket through our support desk. Our team will guide you on the process of upgrade.
Payment at DigitPrac.com is safe and secure. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, (American Express/Visa/MasterCard/Diners Club/Discover etc) and NetBanking (currently only in India).
Online Payment is processed through secure InstaMojo payment gateway
Yes. For your convenience, we do accept offline payments. Contact DigitPrac Sales team (Email: sales@digitprac.com) with your contact details and our team will get in touch with you to complete the payment through Wire Transfer mode.
DigitPrac offers a 60 day refund policy in case you find our solution unsatisfactory.

Post 60 days of usage, there would be no cancellation or refund offered.

We recommend you use DigitPrac for a minimum period of 2 financial quarters to fully benefit and appreciate the platform.

If you still wish to cancel your account, you could contact our customer support team. For the purpose of safety and security of your data, we do not provide a cancellation option on the platform.
DigitPrac offers a 60 day refund policy in case you find our solution unsatisfactory.

Post 60 days of usage, there would be no refund offered.


Currently DigitPrac.com provides the following modes of support.

Phone support : 9am to 6pm IST (Mon-Fri)

Email support : 9am to 9pm IST (Mon-Sat)

Support Portal : Best mode of accessing support. Our Support portal provides user guides, answers to commonly encountered issues and a support ticket helpdesk. Simply login and create a support ticket and our support team will quickly respond and resolve the issues.

DigitPrac is easy and intuitive to use with ample user guides. We encourage you to read through the user guides.

However, if you do need a training session for your team members our support team can facilitate an online training session on a pre-scheduled date as per your convenience. The training sessions could be commonly arranged for multiple clients in a single session.
For safety and security of your data, it is strictly forbidden for DigitPrac support team to access your portal remotely containing sensitive information related to your office and your clients.

In case absolutely required, you can provide remote access via tools such as TeamViewer so that our support personnel can view the issue you/your team is facing and provide resolution. However, such remote access should be provided only under the supervision of an authorized person from your team.