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43, 1st Floor, WGHS, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bangalore 560078, INDIA



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Save precious time and effort by automating tasks

Smart document storage and client master for quick access

Cloud platform for anytime-anywhere access


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ROI in just 3 MONTHS

Sign up today! Streamline your office processes on DigitPrac
Simplify. Improve Efficiency. Go Digital.

DigitPrac is designed to make your Practice management simpler and easier. Benefit from the power of cloud solution to optimize your office.

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Client Portal

Status Dashboards for Clients

Logins for multiple client contacts

Knowledge Base Articles for Clients

With dedicated Client logins, collaborate smartly, securely and streamline communication with clients.

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DigitPrac delivers ROI in just 3 months. Make your Practice Digital today!

Automated Tasks & Reminders

Automate the recurring tasks in your office. Set smart reminders and never miss a date again! Manage and monitor tasks smarter, better.

Centralized Documents

Store, access and share unlimited Compliance and Bookkeeping Documents, Internal Document Library and Client Documents.

Smart Collaboration

With dedicated Client logins, collaborate smartly and securely with Clients and streamline communication with clients.

Improved Efficiency

Save effort and time by automating activities. Office on-the-go makes it easy and quick for you and your team to work from anywhere.

One Solution. Multiple Benefits

DigitPrac is designed for Simplicity and Efficiency. With Automated Task creations, automated reminders, centralized document management and direct access, your Clients can access their compliance records anytime.
Managing Periodic Compliance or Bookkeeping Activities are now a breeze with your Smart Office.

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Simplify Team Task Assignment and Monitor Office Tasks from anywhere, anytime and be in total control.

Turn your office into a Smart, Efficient Office with improved planning of tasks

Key Features

Simplified Task Management enables you and your team to take control of all activities in your office. Grouped into Compliance, Bookkeeping, etc. allows you to smartly organize activities for easy management and quick decision making.

Manage Audit Tasks and long term Projects and automate the workflow in the project. Store important documents, assign to multiple team members, track overall progress all at the click of a button.

Save and Access each and every important information about your client including: Multiple contacts, key tax information, password vault, invoices, payments, tasks, audit projects and more.

Provide access to your clients for smart collaboration through the client portal. Clients can view all the tasks, audit projects, invoices, payments etc.
Full control on what your clients can access.

Automate and streamline your sales process including estimates, proposals, contracts, invoices.
Better manage client relations using CRM features

Record and track each and every office expenses spent by the team.
View reports on expenses, expense vs income etc.

Organize Your Firm. Take Control of all your team activities. Go Digital with DIGITPRAC.